We inspect for Bed Bugs in hotels, dormitories, homes & more

If you suspect bed bugs are present or want peace of mind that you are bed bug free – contact us for an inspection.

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Bed Bug Inspection Dog

Bed Bug Inspection Dog

Trooper is a pure bred Black Labrador Retriever trained specifically for bed bug detection. He was not a stray dog or “random” dog chosen for this work. His breeder specializes in canines for detection and searching. Trooper was chosen for his drive, natural hunting ability, endurance, and discipline. Trooper is trained to work both on and off leash and is rewarded with a toy instead of food. Continue reading to learn why these methods are more effective and reliable than dogs trained on-leash with food reward.

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Bed Bug Inspection Dog
Bed Bug Inspection Service

Bed Bug Inspection Services

The psychological, emotional and financial costs of bed bugs are significant. When you hire ProActive Bed Bug Detection service, you get one of the highest quality, highly trained K9 & handler teams in Maine. Trooper is trained to locate live bedbugs and viable eggs very quickly and efficiently.

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